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Aus |


den Ball ins Aus schießen

das aus | out

das aus

den Ball ins Aus schießen

S: wegen,
A: in, an,
von mir aus | used to express a development, , out of because of, used to express the reason for sth, , off [adverb] not working; not giving power etc, to be after sb/sth, used to express the origin of sth/sb, , for all I care, from, out of from, made of, used to express the material sth is made of, , out of, out, out of, , of [preposition] made from; consisting of, used to express the starting point of a movement, , for [preposition] because of, used to express that sth negative is removed, touch, end (of the line), for, , used to express that sth is turned off, , end, off [preposition] out of (a vehicle, train etc), used to express the chronological beginning of sth, , touch [noun] (in football) the ground outside the edges of the pitch (which are marked out with ˈtouchlines), from …, finished, off, used to express a movement away from sth, used to express the end of a state or an action, out (of play), off [adverb] out of a vehicle, train etc, it’s over between us/them

von mir aus

aus dem Weg gehen | road [noun] a route; the correct road(s) to follow in order to arrive somewhere, walk [noun] (the distance covered during) an outing or journey on foot, route, away, , to arrange sth, to follow the path of least resistance, way [noun] a distance, way [noun] used in the names of roads, way [noun] an opening or passageway, away [adverb] in the opposite direction, a long way / far away, to remove sth, to make your own way in the world, lane a narrow road or street, gone, to run into sb, off [adverb] away (from a place, time etc), course [noun] the path or direction in which something moves, to be well on the way to sth, to stand in sb’s way, away [adverb] to or at a distance from the person speaking or the person or thing spoken about, to be out cold, road [noun] a way that leads to something, path, way [noun] used with many verbs to give the idea of progressing or moving, to be bowled over, to set off, way [noun] a route, direction etc, way, on the way to sth, up, to be over sb/sth, to get rid of sb, track [noun] a path or rough road, off, to steer clear of sb/sth, channel [noun] a means of sending or receiving information etc, to cut sb off, way, , path [noun] (any place on) the line along which someone or something is moving

aus dem Weg gehen

bestehen aus | make up

bestehen aus

der Verein besteht schon lange, seit 1970

aus dem Sinn | out of sight, out of mind an expression describing a situation in which someone is forgotten when he/she is not around

aus dem Sinn

die Kompanie |

die Kompanie

Die Kompanie ist angetreten.

ansteckend |


Keine Angst, das ist nicht ansteckend.

der Aufhalt | NA

der Aufhalt

das Volk tanzte ohne Aufhalt

die Angehörige |

die Angehörige

die nächsten Angehörigen eines Unfallopfers verständigen

die Übelkeit |

die Übelkeit

Oft geht die Migräne mit Übelkeit und Erbrechen einher.

außer | except


täglich außer sonntags geöffnet

außerdem | besides, moreover, furthermore, in addition


Außerdem noch etwas, bitte?

S: überdies,
aussehen | to look like


krank / gesund aussehen

S: Äußere,
das Aussehen | the physical appearance, looks, look

das Aussehen

krank / gesund aussehen

S: Äußere,
außerhalb | outside, beyond (3 syllables)


außerhalb des Dorfes wohnen

ausgehen | to go out (with sb) (date sb), to end, finish (run out, expire) ('a_')


Würden Sie mit mir ausgehen?

die Aussage; -n | the statement, assertion, testimony ('Au_')

die Aussage; -n

die Aussage verweigern