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wohnen | to live (in a place)


Wo wohnst du?

entstehen | to come into being, arise, originate, to be created/built, to originate, , to arise, , to arise


Wie entstehen Blitz und Donner?

der Vorort; -e | the suburb

der Vorort; -e

Er wohnt in einem Pariser Vorort.

A: Zentrum,
das Dorf; -'er | the village

das Dorf; -'er

Er ist auf dem Dorf aufgewachsen.

A: Stadt,
das leben | to live (existentially)

das leben

Seine Großeltern leben noch.

vornehm | exclusive, , distinguished, , noble, expensive, courtly, exclusive, lordly, grandly, , nobly


Sie wohnt in einer vornehmen Gegend.

A: ärmlich,
ums Leben kommen | to die (idiom) (3 parts) ('u_')

ums Leben kommen

Seine Großeltern leben noch.

die regional | regional, local

die regional

regionale Spezialitäten

über seine Verhältnisse leben | circumstances, affair [noun] a love relationship, affair, , relationship, ratio, proportion, , conditions, to live beyond your means, ratio [noun] the amount or proportion of one thing compared to another, proportion [noun] the (correct) quantity, size, number etc (of one thing compared with that of another), rapport [noun] a friendly relationship in which people understand and respect each other very well

über seine Verhältnisse leben

die Region; -en | the region, county, area

die Region; -en

eine abgelegene, dünn besiedelte Region

von der Hand in den Mund leben | for the attention of, under the table, , One good turn deserves another., hand, second-hand/secondhand, the public sector/authorities, underhand, hand [noun] the part of the body at the end of the arm, to have free rein, sth is obvious, on/to the/your left/right, to ask sb’s hand in marriage, to live from hand to mouth, to find (sth) easy / tough going, to take charge of sth, to have a hand in sth, to have two left hands, to be spoken for, wastefully, to have sth at your disposal, hand-, sb’s hands are tied, to have sth handy, to be in control of sth / have sb over a barrel / have yourself under control, to give sb free rein, off the record, sth makes sense, sb’s right hand (man/woman), to deny sth

von der Hand in den Mund leben